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Midlands Aviation

Privately owned South African Airlink was restyled in 1995 from a history book dating back to the formation of Midlands Aviation in 1967 incorporating Lowveld Aviation Services, Magnum Airways, Border Air, Citi Air and Link Airways. The airline has developed into South Africa's first feeder network, specifically aimed at linking the smaller towns, the regional centres and hubs throughout South Africa.

Alliance formed with SAA and SAX

In 1997 SA Airlink joined SAA and SA Express in a powerful strategic alliance which led to the establishment of the leading aviation network in Africa.

SAA and its regional partner, Airlink continues their existing partnership. The long term plan for the relationship is to form an alliance, which will allow Airlink to grow in all markets. Airlink will have the opportunity to serve any route domestic and regional which is commercially viable to it.

SA Airlink is rebranded

In January 2006 something new took flight, Airlink - formerly SA Airlink - did not only change its name but corporate identity too, giving you the freedom of flying to the smaller and regional centres and cities throughout Southern Africa.

To achieve this essential objective, our new corporate identity programme clearly represents the concept of flight, graphically emphasising the airlines corporate positioning statement, "Freedom of the African Sky". And clearly positions Airlink as being "Proudly South African", with our tail displaying the distinctive national colours of blue, red, green and gold. It also uniquely features the brightly coloured and popular "Sunbird" found flying throughout the African Continent.

Airlinkacute;s new advertising campaign embraces, the dream of flight that has long captured our imaginations, as children we would extend our arms like wings and run about without a care in the world ... and that´s exactly the message we want to communicate to our passengers - spread your wings and fly with Airlink.

Did you know? Airlink sponsors the weather channel on DSTV and the weather pages on

Swaziland Airlink

Swaziland Airlink was formed as a joint venture company between the Swaziland Government (60%) and Airlink (40%) to take over operations, from Royal Swazi National Airways Corporation, as the national carrier of Swaziland.